What is BioPlush technology?

All the polyurethane foam we offer (or use) in Eversoft are BioPlush. In fact, if you browse through Eversoft’s online store, you will see Bio-Plush logo here and there. So you might ask what does BioPlush mean and what is good about BioPlush foam?

 BioPlush™ is engineered to offer customers the opportunity for a sustainable environmentally conscious product, without any loss in product performance. Traditionally, manufacturers of flexible foam for the carpet, furniture, and bedding industries relied solely on petroleum-based materials. BioPlush™ replaces a portion of its fossil fuels based ingredients with natural seed-based oils such as soybeans in the manufacturing process. The use of BioPlush™ can help decrease the dependence on fossil fuels and ultimately lessens greenhouse gas emissions.

Bioplush™ has the same high comfort and performance as our traditional foams, yet delivers a smaller environmental footprint by offering lower CO2 emissions and energy requirement through the replacement of petroleum-based ingredients. The result offers customers a new eco-friendly choice to provide more sustainable products for both our customers and the planet. At Eversoft we believe all practices that help reduce our carbon footprint are a positive step.