To fibre wrap or not? That is the question!

When ordering a new piece of foam, you will be asked whether you want to have it wrapped in fibre or not. Foam Experts recommend wrapping foam in fibre whenever the piece in to be used in upholstery cushion.


Wrapping furniture cushion in fibre (aka dacron wrap), prevents the foam from contacting with the upholstery fabric, hence prolongs the life of your foam piece. Moreover, it enhances the appearance of the piece, making it look fuller and less wrinkles on the cover. The fibre wrap also add to the comfort of the cushion without compromising its quality.

Foam Measurements

Having fibre wrapped around the foam piece does not affect the foam size you order. That is regardless of having fibre or not, you do not need to change the foam measurements. To know more about measuring the foam you want to order, read our blog on foam measurement.


To wrap the fibre around your piece of foam, we use high quality spray foam glue, so we can be sure we there is perfect adhesion between the two layers, hence there is maximum durability.