If you read our mattress blog on picking the right mattress for yourself, you can determine if you need one or not. If you do and would like to build your own, here is how.

Please read the entire instructions before you order:

Steps Online

The overall height for the Mattress Covers we have are either 10” or 8”. So the combination of foam needs to be 10” or 8”.

  1. Decide on the mattress size you need. From the below guide, pick the dimensions for your mattress.
  2. On our Online Shop, go to Rectangular Custom Shapes.
  3. On the Rectangular Shape page, enter the dimensions for your mattress. For the thickness, pick your core foam thickness from the drop-down menu, normally 6” (you can use 8” if you are building a 10” mattress).
  4. A suitable foam grade for mattress core can be 1944, 2550 or 2745. The higher the number the denser the foam. The higher the density, the higher the resilience and durability. Choose your desired foam grade.
  5. You can add a transition foam below the topper of your choice, typically 2” on a 10” Mattress from our Mattress Toppers or custom foam Rectangle Shape. See illustration for options.
  6. Choose a fantastic mattress topper from our wide choice of toppers. Typically, a 2” topper would be great to get the benefit of the foam you choose.
  7. Get the All Purpose Adhesive from our Accessory section.
  8. Choose the Mattress cover you want from our Sleep Accessory section.
  9. Add a mattress protector from our Sleep Accessory section to protect your investment.
  10. Add a mattress protector from our Sleep Accessory section to protect your investment.
  11. Have all the items you purchased shipped to your address.

Steps at Home

  1. Glue the Core, Transition foam and the Topper in the correct order. For the instructions, check our blog on How to Glue Your DIY Mattress.
  2. Zip your cover on.
  3. Have a great sleep.