How to choose a pillow?

Matching up with the perfect pillow is like matching up with the right partner: there are several criteria to be considered and there is no single answer to everyone’s quest! Well…not quite the same, but you get the idea!

We spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and the quality of our awake hours depend on the quality of our sleep. Needless to say, having the right pillow is essential to a great night sleep.

So how should you know if a pillow is the one?

First, you need to think of your preferred sleeping position. Are you a 1) Back Sleeper, a 2) Side Sleeper, or a 3) Stomach Sleeper? Answering this question you can figure out your perfect pillow Thickness and Firmness! Choosing the right thickness and firmness will help you keep your spine in a neutral position, so your neck or back would not hurt in the morning!

Pillow Thickness

A pillow’s thickness should be the right one for your sleeping position. A too thick pillow will lift up your head too high and may cause a neck pain next morning. A thin pillow can also be causing neck pain as it cannot lift your head enough. Both cases can cause spine curvature.

Back Sleeper

A Back Sleeper should have a pillow the thickness difference between the small of their neck and the back of their head. This will allow the natural curvature of the spine, which is key for sleep support.

Side Sleeper

A Side Sleeper should have a pillow the thickness of the distance between their ear and the outside of their shoulder. This will preserve the spine curvature.

Stomach Sleeper

A Stomach Sleeper requires a thinner pillow so as to not lift the head too high to maintain the spine structure.

Pillow Firmness

Just like pillow thickness, its firmness should be proper for your sleeping position so it can help you maintain your spine’s natural curvature.

Back Sleeper

A Back Sleeper with the correct thickness should have a medium support pillow. This can be almost any material depending on the composition of the pillow.

Side Sleeper

A Side Sleeper requires the firmest support, however, if the pillow is too thick your head will be held up higher than the curvature of your spine, and that causes shoulder and neck pain.

Stomach Sleeper

A Stomach Sleeper requires a softer pillow that does not turn the head unnaturally to either side.

Pillow Fill Types and Covers

There are pillows with various fills and covers in the market. From the low-price synthetic polyester filling to all natural latex and all in between, there is an answer to anyone’s wants, needs and budget. And the same goes for pillow covers, cotton, polyester stretch, tensile, bamboo and more.